Sunday, 22 February 2015

Day 19 - Alice Springs


Today is the day we leave Queensland and go to the Northern Territory! I'm so excited to meet more people joining the group!
We left Hides Hotel at 9am as we had an 11am flight. I had a fry up at the airport, well, of course I did, it's me, duh! The plane was so small compared to the ones I've travelled in before and I'm pretty sure there was only about 20 people on the plane. Lou was hopping down the aisle like a kangaroo, doing the macarena, YMCA, pretending to row and then put a blanket over her head and pretended to be a dementor (Harry Potter reference for you muggles). Probably the funniest flight I've ever been on and yes, I have the videos to prove it. Here's a picture:

Sorry Lou!
Not really..

Had a great chat with one of the flight attendants who is off travelling with his girlfriend and he's so excited about going as he hardly gets any time off and they never get time off together. So, they're off to Asia and and Europe for 3 months. He seemed so happy, it was cute.
We reached Alice Springs and it's absolutely sweltering! The heat is more bearable here than Cairns, as there it's more sticky and Alice Springs is more dry, like a hairdryer on you...constantly.

Lou and I about to board the plane to Alice Springs!

We meet another guy from Topdeck, who I think was called Ben, (maybe, can't remember, apologies) who takes us from the airport to our accommodation. We get to Ibis Styles hotel/hostel, thing, whatever it is, dumped our stuff and went straight to the pool. The new group comes along about 20-30 minutes later and our new tour guide Lisa and 'Shorty' AKA Liam but he doesnt go by that name apparently. The new group come to the pool and most of them are british (YAY) with one Canadian girl, two Aussie guys, an Italian, a few German and Dutch. Again, a right multi-cultural group. I can tell this lot are going to be fun!
We all get ready to go to a meal together to a place called Monte's Lounge. It's a pretty cool place with long picnic bench type tables, it's a great atmosphere. The beer is quite expensive here so no beer for me tonight! Cheapskate. Their burgers are the biggest things I've ever seen (oo-eerrrrr) and extremely tasty.
All fed and watered (and extremely hot) we all head back and get some shut eye.

I miss you guys at home. Slightly..

Ciao -x-

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