Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Day 15 - Cairns


The lay ins are over (boooo) as we're up at 6am, down to breakfast at 6:30am and on the boat ready tp leave the incredible Daydream Island by 7:30am. Sitting with Claire on the ferry who comes out with "I get so seasick, I was once sick on a pedalo". To say I cried with laughter would be an understatement. I nearly died! We also heard this old biddy complain about our group being on the island. She obviously just hates young people as she's on a guided tour for the nearly dead, herself. Crazy old bat.
We get back to Matilda (the coach) and get ready for a long ass drive to Cairns. 7 hours and 15 minutes to be exact. On the way, Alan started telling us about mangoes and how we're going to stop in a town called Bowen, home to the Big Mango.

We stopped at a shop further up the way to try a mango smoothie, which Alan says is the best ever. FYI, no it's not. They're gross.
We get to cairns about a year later, and get to Hides Hotel where, Claire.C, Claire.S, Lou and I share a room. It was pretty cute.


Claire.S, Lou and I went to the Cairns night market  and got a full body massage for $15. I felt great after, but during it, I thought he was going to break my back. It kept cracking and it cracked in places I didn't know it could crack. I felt bruised. We then decided to  get dinner  Chinese & sushi. Go to an amazing gelato place and I get a lemon sorbet and it's like heaven. I need to find a place like this back in London!
We're all pretty excited for the next day as we're off to the Great Barrier Reef!
*Cue Finding Nemo quotes*

Ciao for now - x

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