Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Day 14 - Daydream Island


Finally got a lay in!
Well, 8:30am is a lay in on this trip. Get to breakfast and have a proper fry up and a proper english brew! I. Am. In. Heaven! Lou and I then went outside and listened to a talk and watched the feeding of the stingrays and sharks in the resort pond.

Walked around the resort again, Helen, Lou, Claire and I went to the spa and booked ourselves in for different treatments found a jacuzzi, bought ourselves cocktails, went back to the jacuzzi, asked someone to take a picture of us (as toursists do) he didn't really know how to take a photo and took, like, a thousand photos, bless him, and relaxed in the jacuzzi! Helen and I then went off to the spa to get our pedicures done. Listen, a girl needs a pedicure after 2 days on a boat without the luxury of even a proper toilet.
Lou, Me, Claire and Helen

We had to put our feet in this bowl of warm oils and we both had sunburn on our feet so it was pretty painful. We had complimentary champagne after though, so that was worth it! Claire and I then went to the shopping village (I swear this island has it all!), went and played bingo and I won! I won a line and won a gold class voucher for the outdoor cinema with front row seats, free bottle of champagne and free popcorn. Can never go wrong with free booze! Claire and I then decided to try Bundaberg Rum as apparently you can't go to Australia without trying it. It was vile. Had dinner in the Fishbowl Tavern and then went to the outdoor cinema to watch tarzan! The champers was delicious!
It was then back to the bar for a while, laughed at PJ singing and dancing around our group and then it was bedtime, ready to be up at the crack of dawn to leave Daydream Island. *sad face*

Ciao -x-

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