Saturday, 14 February 2015

Day 11 - Valentines Day


This morning at breakfast we handed out our love letters. I had a guy called Aaron who is a dairy farmer and I wrote him a poem relating to dairy and my undying love for him. Goes together quite well actually. I got an anonymous letter (who I found out to actually come from Alan) it read:

Dear my sweet, beautiful, cute, magical, english rose, honey-bun Lauren
Happy, sexy, naughty Valentines Day
I knew from the first day that you were the girl for me
Today is the happiest day of our lives together.
Always Yours
Your Secret Valentine

Who knew Alan could be so darn adorable?
A group went to a goat muster and another group went off to do quad biking while some of us decided to have a chill morning and lounge by the pool before its time to get back on the coach and head off to Emu Park!
So today is Aus v England in cricket or something or other and somehow us Brits have accepted to do a forfeit if (when) England lose. If England loses, us Brits have to go skinny dipping. This ought to be fun!
We get to Emu Park, have an hour or so to ourselves, so it's shower, washing and sorting out the backpacks time! Rivetting. We go down to dinner, go to the bar and theres a guy working in there from Bromley! Go to the other side of the world and meet someone who lives on your doorstep.
We all congregate in the living area? lounge area? Don't know but we've all got beers and watching the cricket like we all know whats going on. We have dinner and then it's on to valentines games! We each get one half of a broken heart and we have to find our partner, there were couples from Beyonce & Jay-Z to John Lennon & Yoko Ono to mine and Katarinas pairing: Adam and Eve. Best couple out there I reckon. We then had to swap a piece of clothing with our partners, I'm not really sure why actually, but everyone got into it anyway. Alan liked his girls t-shirt so much that he kept it on the whole night. What a trooper.
The games were suck and blow (everyones favourite), Flip cup and then everyone went to the bar and got a little worse for wear. As you do.
A group of us went to the beach at about 10pm-11pm-ish, built a bonfire and then suddenly its time for the brits to strip off and get wet. Unfortunatley, I do not have a picture of us lot skinny dipping and I'm not quite sure I'd put it up if I did. Who am I kidding? I totally would!
Carla, Kaitlin, Kerry and Danielle started off a little sing-song round the bonfire because it's no beach bonfire without a little Ho Hey or Wonderwall. Dec treated us all to a little interpretive dancing around the bonfire, just for the reason that it's Dec and then it's off to bed.

Heres a little picture of our tour guide dressed in a girls t-shirt

Alan, ladies and gentlemen. Oh Alan....

Ciao -x-

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