Thursday, 12 February 2015

Day 9 - Fraser Island


We got up pretty early for our tour of Fraser Island and I'm pretty sure the truck ride woke everyone up as it was the bumpiest and scariest ride ever! Kept rolling back down the hills, some scary stuff right there.
Gaz, our island tour guide told us that the island only has about 150-200 dingoes left and Lou comes out with "are they spaniel size?" in the most innocent way possible, like, it was a legit question. I'm not even sure why we both found ot so funny.
So we drive from our accommodation out to the beach and going up and down these sand tracks, all of us bouncing around in the back and then finally, after what seems like hours, we reach the beach! It's such a beautiful beach and its 75 miles long! They'd had a storm recently so the sea was too rough for us to swim in, but that didnt matter as we stopped at Eli Creek, the largest freshwater creek on the eastern coast of the island. It was beautiful.

Fraser Island could not get any more beautiful at this point. Some guys were playing frisbee, others playing football, others sunbathing and some of us were just paddling in the fresh water. Lovely Gaz, the island guide, had brought some oat fruit cookies with him so I guess you could say he became everyones best friend that day. They were delicious and definitely weren't around for too long! We hopped back on the truck and carried on down the beach and stopped at The Pinnacles. The Pinnacles is a sacred womens site for the Aboriginal Butchella People.

Back on the truck again and went past a shipwreck called The Maheno. It was an ocean liner then became a hospital ship during WW1.
Gaz then started telling us about a plane ride over the island and stopped to let a pilot on board. Gaz continuously took the mick out of how young he looked and his uniform which he had to wear knee high white socks with. They were sexy.
The pilot sold the plane ride to me, and no it had nothing to do with the fact he was rather good looking. It was the socks okay?!
Anyway, we got on the plane on the beach, flew over the sea and the island and we were able to see just how big the island actually was. There were creeks and lakes in the middle, a sand blow (mini desert) in the middle of the island. The views were just stunning.

After the plane ride we got back on to the truck and dropped at the edge of a rainforest. We were told to try a be quiet for the first 5 minutes of the walk and just appreciate the forest. The 5 minutes turned into the whole 2k walk through, no-one really spoke at all. There was a fresh water river running through the rainforest, insects, geckos and birds.

It didnt take us long to walk it ans it was time again to get back on the truck to our final destination. Lake McKenzie. Lake McKenzie is definitely one of my favourite places ever. It's just beautiful!

I managed to use the GoPro for the first time and managed to capture Helen, Ceclile and I swimming towards the camera. The water is unbelievably clear, we got some good footage. We were only at the lake for an hour which isnt much time at all. I feel like our days are so packed full of stuff to do that we don't spend enough time in one place!
We get back to our accommodation and go to the pool where Helen, Lou, Olly and I had quite a serious game of rummy. We didnt finish the game before it was time to head to the beach to watch the sunset but we kept our cards and the promise of the winner gets to choose who goes in the sea. So we all headed to the beach and Lou and I decided to organise some of us to spell out the word Topdeck and this was the result
Brandon, Claire, Me, Aaron, Cecile, Helen, Lou, Olly, Natalie, Carla & Kaitlin

Not too shabby, right? Yeah.
We finished our game of rummy and it turns out Helen, Lou and I had to run into the sea fully clothed. Our best decision yet..
We went back and ordered pizza, listened to the 4 canadian girls Kaitlin, Carla, Kerry and Danielle sing by the piano and play the guitar. All four of them are crazy talented! Taught Lou the Hoedown Throwdown dance in preparation for the farm, went back to our accommodation and the canadian girls taught us all 'Flip Cup', a drinking game where everyone gets very competetive and very very drunk. We got too noisy for our accommodation so we moved to the bar where we carried on with the drinking games. One we all love and everyone knows is Ring of Fire. Theres a card that if you pick it, you have to come up with a rule. One of the guys came up with the rule that after everything you say, you have to say "in my pants" at the end. Lets just say, it got extremely funny very quickly.
At this point, I'm sure everyone's a tad merry and we decode to head on back. The next day is the day everyone's stoked for. The farm!

Ciao -x-

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