Friday, 13 February 2015

Day 10 - Kroombit Farm


Today we left Fraser Island and headed back to mainland Australia. We got back on the coach and were en route to Kroombit Farm! On the way, Alan (our tour guide, remember?) passed around a hat with all our names in, we had to pick one and whoever we got, we had to write a valentines card/ love letter to and give it to them on Valentines Day. How cute! (Ew.)
At the farm, one of the guys called Woody got on the coach and told us all about the farm and what we were going to be doing that day. We quickly shoved everything in our rooms and jumped on the back of a trailer and was taken up the farm. Here, some people tried their hand at trap shooting whike the rest of us practiced lassoing ready for the goat rodeo!
There were 3 people to a team and my team was Helen, Claire and I. Every team had to have 2 people lassoing the goats and and the other person had to 'brand' them for 3 seconds, we then had to get the rope off them and drag the goat out of the pen. We took just under a minute thanks to Helens lasso skills. I thought we done rather well until Brandon and his team waltz into the pen, lasso, brand and get the goat out in 27 seconds. 27 seconds!! What?!

We left the rodeo after Braden, Aaron and Brandon were crowned the winners and were told we were having 'mystery meat' for dinner. Being on a farm with a load of goats and having just done a goat rodeo, we were all pretty sure we knew what the meat was. Yes, you guessed it, Lamb!! Totally kidding, it was goat (no shit). It was pretty tasty and it did actually tatse like lamb. We then had duck soup and a beef roast, then washed it all down with a beer or ten at the farms bar. This was such a good night as we all done some line dancing, all had a go on the mechanical bull (which I had to take a running jump to actually get on) Tony had the longest time on the bull so won a bottle of bubbly.
In the bar area there's a metal bin for cans and you have to chuck it in from about 10 feet away and yell "FIRE IN THE HOLE" or in mine and Lou's case 'TOAD IN THE HOLE". Well, we thought it was funny. Anyway, you shout that before you throw it so everyone can move out the way and watch you either fail or win. Theres also a bin for glass bottles where you stand on a tree stump, put some sexy goggles on, launch the bottle at the metal plate a the back of the bin. You have to smash the bottle or you've failed. It's a lot harder than it looks, trust me. You don't win anythng from doing any of this, it's just awesome fun. We also had story time with the owner of the farm, Big Al and we also learnt how to crack a whip. This was hilarious and so many innuendos flying about had us in stitches.

If you ever find yourself at Kroombit farm and you need to use the loo at night, remember to turn the lights off and shut the door when you leave them. Us girls didn't and we had a carpet of ants, ants on the loo seat, stick insects, flies, mozzies and every creepy crawly you can think of and more in our bathroom. No worries though, the guys were smart and shut the door to their bathroom so we just used theirs. Cheers guys!

Ciao -x-

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