Monday, 16 February 2015

Day 13 - Whitehaven & Daydream Island


Today we got up at 5:40am (I hope you're proud of me, Mother!) and we were on the main boat by 6:30am for breakfast. We then sailed for a while before we came to Whitsunday Island, got into a little motorboat and went to the shore. We walked to a lookout point over Whitehaven Beach and it was incredible!

I have never seen anyting so beautiful in all my life!
We all then walked down to the beach and got given some sexy stinger suits as its now stingray season and the most dangerous ones are the tiny ones called irukandji. I'd rather look like a an idiot in a ninja suit 5x too big than dead. So I'll take the suit, ta v.much. We spent about 2 hours here sunbathing and swimming. The sand here is 98% silica and it's ridiculously fine so it can polish up your jewellery, teeth and make a great exfoliator but it gets in every nook and cranny of your electricals. Still have grains of sand in my camera and phone. Not good.
We get back to the boat for lunch and the lunch was so good! Ta Philly! We then sail away from Whitsunday Island and to another one where the sea is so calm and clear so we can don the ninja suits once more and go snorkelling!

We spend quite a while snorkelling, swimming and chilling on the boat before we all dry off again and then we're en route to Daydream Island! When we get there, we're greeted by a guy who gives each of us a shell necklace. It's so cute! We then get given our keys and see some kangaroos just sitting on the grass. I'll never get used to how people here are just used to seeing a kangaroo like we are to a dog! Strange! The rooms are massive and so nice! This whole island is so pretty, I don't think I ever want to leave this place! We head down to dinner and I swear I'm still rocking at this point. After dinner, Lou, Claire and I take a stroll around the Island. They have a pond where they keep stingray and small sharks! This place is crazy.  We then meet another group in the bar area, have a few drinks and listen to music. We're all so knackered from a day full of activities at this point so at 10pm we all head to bed. 10pm! Now that is very early for us!

Ciao -x-

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