Monday, 9 February 2015

Day 6 - Skydive, Sunburn and losing a few inches of height


I don't do early mornings, like, no, just no. However, Australia does funny things to you and Helen and I are up at the crack of dawn to meet Olly, Tom, Dec and Tony, have a quick breakfast and head to the bus stop to be picked up to go skydiving! I wasnt't scared about doing it at all, I was majorly excited. Too much adrenaline in my body to allow me to actually feel anything other than excitement! We get picked up in a little bus and then we're on our way to Byron Bay Skydive Centre. We only had to wait about half an hour till we got called to put the gear on.
Beforehand, we decided on the order of which we were jumping by playing Rock Paper Scissors. The guys seem to decide a lot by using this method. It ended up with Tony first, then Tom, Me, Helen, Olly and then Dec. When our instructors came out and introduced themselves, it was clear our order was not going to be kept. Seeing Olly's instructor, who was a petite older man, compared to Olly who is an absolute giant, was the funniest thing ever! I just had the image of a baby strapped to the parents back.

Here's the skydive crew!

Me, Tony, Olly, Helen, Dec and Tom

The Skydive was incredible! I am so happy I've done it and can now cross it off the bucket list!

Excuse the faces, but it was absolutey incredible and I want to do another one! I had a lovely instructor  called steve, who sounded South African. Great accent! We jumped out at 14,000ft and then free fall, which is one of the most exhilarating moments ever. You hang out the plane and the instructor pushes you both out and you free fall for 60 seconds at 220km/hr. After 60 seconds the instructor pulls the parachute and it feels like you're getting yanked up and then you just glide through the air. Byron Bay is so beautiful from 14,000ft! Steve gave me the ropes and let me guide us around. Writing about it now still makes me feel so excited about it! He took the ropes back, pulled down on the right one and we went spinning round and then again on the left. It was so fun and I'm pretty sure Steve was insane for even letting me steer the thing!
We were all buzzing when we reached the ground, all saying "OH MY GOD THAT WAS INSANE! THAT WAS CRAZY! I WANNA DO IT AGAIN!" We just couldn't stop talking about it. It's so hard to even describe the feeling during the dive and you're just buzzing and have so much adrenaline pumping through you, it's just insane.
We all got a video of our skydives on a usb and then we were ready to head back. Helen, Olly, Tom and Dec went to a surf lesson and Tony and I decided to get some food and walk to the lighthouse. We went to this amazing fish restaurant at the front near the beach called Fishheads. They have the best fish there, it was delicious! Tony and I walked along the beach and then up the path for about an eternity and got to see some spectacular views! 

...and then we got to this point! 

We thought that was it, just up the path and we'd be at the lighthouse. Nope, we were dead wrong. The lighthouse was another 1537356 miles away. Okay, slight exaggeration but really, it was a trek and I'm pretty sure I've worn out my feet and lost an inch or two from walking! We got there in the end though!

...and again, more amazing views from up here

Byron Bay has definitely become one of my favourite places in the world!
Fast forward a few hours, I find that my feet are severley sunburnt, get some pizza for dinner (dominos in Oz doesn't taste like dominos at home) and then get ready to meet the rest of the group for a night out in Cheeky Monkeys! We met in the communal kitchen area, all had a few too many glasses (cups) of cheap wine, played drinking games and then we were off! Helen, Olly, Tom, Dec and Lou fell asleep before the night even started so they didnt come with us so it was up to Tony and I to rep the Brits! Let downs!
The night was so good, good music, great company and a lot of alcohol. That's how it should be, right? 
When we're all slightly too intoxicated, it's time to go home. Cheeky Monkeys, it's been a pleasure.

Ciao -x-

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