Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Day 8 - Brisbane


Again, woke up not feeling so fresh but the breakfast was heaven. A Full English and green tea went down a treat! I also looked through my photos of last night and found 94 selfies of Tom and Dec on my phone. Cheers guys!

We packed up the coach and was on the road again, travelling to Brisbane. We went on a river cruise and learnt all about Brisbane, Story Bridge and the flooding. Lou and I had a very serious discussion on how you pronounce scone. I say scOne and Lou says scon. Do you pronounce it rhyming with gone or tone?
Anyway, after the river cruise, we had an hour free time to look round the city centre and get some lunch. Turned out to be a pretty expensive hour as I decided to buy a GoPro. With accessories and stuff, it put me back $630 but it was so worth it!
We said goodbye to Anna from Germany and Lucy from China and in their place we got a fab girl called Claire from Nottingham, another British lass!
After another fair drive, we pulled up at the ferry jetty and caught the ferry to Fraser Island which is the biggest sand island in the world. We didnt really have much time to do anything by the time we arrived so we all just went to the Dingo Bar and had a buffet dinner which was pretty good. We had a pretty chill evening, had a few drinks, played twister which was painted on the floor and Lou being Lou, abandoned the wheel and decided to call out the most awkward positions ever. I won so those painful positions were almost worth it.
We all went back to our rooms at midnight which is pretty early for us. We have a tour of the island tomorrow so it's another early rise for us. No rest for the wicked.

Ciao -x-

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