Saturday, 7 February 2015

Day 4 - Goodbye Sydney!


I’m sad to be waving goodbye to Sydney today but it’s time to move on. I met the TopDeck trip leader, Alan, and the coach driver PJ, at 7am outside the hostel. First person I spoke to was a rather hilarious 26 year old guy from Gloucestershire called Tony. We nabbed some fab seats on the coach, spoke to Ninni from Norway, Anna from Germany and Braden from Vancouver, Canada and waited for the off.
Alan came up with a pretty funny way to get to know each other, speed dating style. We spoke to someone for 2 minutes and then switched. I spoke to Anna, Braden, Danielle from Canada, Kaitlin from Canada, who traveled with Danielle and two other girls Carla and Kerry. In our group there are British, Canadians, Chinese, French, Norwegian, Swedish, German and Australian. We’re a right multi-cultural group.
We crossed over Sydney Harbour Bridge and traveled onto Hunter Valley. 

We learnt about the wine making process, tasted four different wines, a white, red, champagne style one (I don't know my wines but the guy said something about champagne so I’m guessing that’s what it was) and a dessert wine. Give me white wine any day. Not too much though, mind. Gets me a tad merry very quickly. I also found out that in the cafe here, you can buy a ‘beer paddle’ of six different beers in mini glasses and taste them. If you finish all six, you get a midi beer of your favourite one for free. That’s a bit of me that is.

The one on the left was absolutely disgusting!

We also got into groups and crushed grapes by foot! It was so much fun and I'm pretty sure everyone was trying so hard not to fall arse over tit. 

We leave Hunter Valley and drive to Crescent head. Before we get there, Alan and PJ take us to a place called Lennox Head and the views from there are absolutely incredible.

We then drove onto Crescent Head and it’s one of the coolest places I've ever been to.

Just look at it!

This place is called Surfaris Surf camp and there’s Kangaroos, geckos, possums, crickets etc. and also mosquitos. Lots and lots of bloody mosquitos. Sprayed some insect repellent and thought that would be enough but no, these mozzies know where the spray hasn't reached and they bite there. Fab. Also, the shower is full of mosses and spiders. It was the quickest and worst shower I have ever had in my life. This place os great but I’ll be happy when I can shower without creepy crawlies wanting to join me. Ew.
Onto happier things, tomorrow is our first surf lesson and I’m so excited. Wish me luck!

Ciao - x

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