Sunday, 15 February 2015

Day 12 - The Whitsundays


We had breakfast and everyone (bar the people that get seasick) is really up for today! Today is the start of sailing The Whitsundays. We leave Emu Park Beach Resort and have an 8 hour(!!!!) long drive to Airlie Beach. We get dropped off and then PJ and Alan leave us to go and pick up 4 new people and this time we get 4 Kiwi guys. Lou pretty much wet herself when she heard they were from New Zealand. I think she likes the accent. Just a guess though...
We finally all get on the boat and I'm pretty sure everyone has a bag full of alcohol and several boxes of goon. Surprised we didn't sink if I'm honest. We get a talk about the boat; no wings or strings in the loos and only 3 P's allowed. Pee, Poo and Paper. Too much information, I do apologise, but I found it hilarious.

Our group has 3 sail boats. The main one we're all on as a group called Siska, another called Sox and one called Rags where we split up and sleep. After about 10 minutes on the boat, it starts hammering it down, the boat hits the waves and everyone just gets soaked. This doesn't make me a very happy bunny but it soon passes and we're out of the rain and we've stopped in a calm area where we can all jump in the sea. It's just a pretty chill day, eating drinking, just general chilling and watching the sunset. I've seen some pretty cool sunsets and sunrises in such a short time I've been here.

My group go to the boat we're sleeping on and it's so cosy. The rocking put me straight to sleep and it was the best sleep I've had in so long!
Thats that for today!

Ciao -x-

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