Sunday, 8 February 2015

Day 5 - Surfing, Byron Bay and Big Things


Today was the day of the surf lessons. Another early start this morning as we're up at 5:30am, eating breakfast by 6am, coach packed by 7 and we're off to the beach. Today was my first ever surf lesson and I fell arse over tit quite a few times but managed to stand up and ride a wave forabout 5 seconds. Cheers Benny ;)
We had Rosco, Benny, Steve, Lukas, Neal and Kayshia teaching us how to surf, making it look so easy and pushing us on the waves at the right time and telling us when to stand so we all looked pro for about 3 seconds. It was so much fun and I so want to do it again! There are two styles of surfing, normal and goofy. Left foot forward and you're normal, right foot forward and you're goofy. I'm classed as normal when surfing, every other day, not so much. Heres the East Coast TopDeck Crew!

After laughing so much and spending more time under the waves than on them, it was time for food. We got back to surf camp, freshened up and then we were on the road again. On to Byron Bay!
Alan, our tour leader, has told us all about big things in Australia (oo-err) and on the way to Byron Bay was the forst big thing of many. Behold the Big Banana!

On the way to Byron Bay there's a place called Coffs Harbour; it has the most livable climate in Australia and it's main attraction is The Big Banana which is one of Australias first Big Things. The Big Banana isnt  a real Banana which was slightly disappointing. Australia has a lot of big things and accordong to Alan "Australia isn't trying to compensate for anything, we just like big things..." Yeah, alright then Alan, we believe you.
We carried on to Byron Bay which is one of the coolest places I've ever been to. Alan says everyone loves this place, so me being the stubborn thing I am, was adamant on hating the place. I don't, I love it. Dammit! We have cute little cabins to stay in and they're probably my favourite type of accommodation on the trip so far.

I'm sharing with a great girl called Helen, who's from Birmingham. Fab accent. We're sharing because we're the only two girls doing the skydive (AAGHH!!!) tomorrow. We dumped our stuff in the cabins and met everyone at the front of the resort, grabbed takeaway burgers, pizza or fish and all sat by the beach watching the sunset and listening to some guys play the bongos, watched another guy juggle and generally just chilled out. I went to this amazing burger joint called Bayger and they had the best burgers I have ever tasted!

It was such a chill evening!

When we were all fed and watered, we all went back to the resort for a well earned rest, reday for the day of activities and exploring ahead. Thats it for day 5, day 6 is the exciting part!

Ciao -x-

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