Monday, 23 March 2015

Day 20 - Ayers Rock


This is really a bit of a mish-mash day. We were up at 6 (need a holiday after this to catch up on sleep) and on the bus to Ayers Rock by 7! YAAAASSSSS! *Ahem*
Anyway, we got to a camel farm (???) yes, random, I know,  but I got to ride a camel and this is Australia after all so I'm not questioning anything..

I cannot for the life of me remember this guys name behind me.
I think its Fredrick, maybe not, just made that up.

There's this really funny guy from Israel, called Dor, and someone asked when it's a good time to visit Israel and he said "Last year was not okay to visit, this year is fine, next year? I don't know as we seem to have a war every other year" I could not stop laughing and I'm pretty sure I even cried a little.
Shorty got us all looking out for Ayers Rock and Lou wasnt having any of it "I am not playing 'Spot the Rock", she played it anyway and spotted Mount Conner and now owes Shorty a pint. Bad luck Lou!

We finally spotted it and here's the beauty!

We set up tables of food and had many bottles of champagne and watched the sunset over Uluru. Our new group looks like a laugh. Here we are:

Excuse the derp face. I wasn't ready...

Half of us are heading up to Darwin and half are going down to Melbourne. I'm really not looking forward to saying goodbye to the guys I travelled with from the east coast but lets not think about that now..
We left Ayers Rock and went to our accommodation called Outback Pioneer Hotel & Lodge. Unfortunately, I'm the worlds worst at documenting where I stay, so I have no photos of this place apart from our night, I'm great at pictures of the nightlife.
Our dinner was amazing, we got to cook our food on the many bbqs, I had barramundi and it was wrapped in foil to be cooked and thought I had butter on the fish but it wasnt butter, it was a lemon. So I was stood there for ages waiting for the butter to melt. What an idiot.
We had a laugh, had a drink and then when to bed.

Ciao - x -

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