Friday, 20 February 2015

Day 17 - The Bungee Jump


Up at 8, 3.5 hours sleep isn't too bad I guess. Said goodbye to Claire.S who's off to do a skydive and then catch a flight back to Nottingham. She's definitely one of the best and most genuine person I've ever met. We'll definitely keep in touch! Bye Claire!
Got on the bungee shuttle bus to AJ Hackett with Claire.C and we were off to bungee jump!

We pay for our jump and we see this...

Nope, not bricking it at all.

We walk up to the top (something you would have liked to do, Dad) and watch this guy bungee before us. Soon enough it's my turn and I'm talking to the guy who's binding my legs to stop me just falling from the edge staright to my death, and it turns out he used to live in the UK and work in Essex. He's definitely moved up in the world. Essex to Cairns. I know where I'd rather live and work.

Yes, this is me. Can you imagine doing this? 

It. Was. Insane!
Terriying on the way up, awesome on the way down!

We waited around for a while and Olly, Tom, Dec and Tony arrive so we watch their first jump and then head back to the hotel. The rest of the day was just filled with boring stuff like washing and sorting out the backpacks again, it's surprising how messy and unorganised they can get in just a few days.
Later, the whole group meet up again again and go for a meal in Rattle n Hum.
Lou and I walked around cairns in search of some funny, quirky and awesome gifts for our trip leader who leaves saturday morning. We bought him a mango because he has a great love for mangoes, some pens because he lost most of his throughout the trip, some hairbands because he ties his dreadlocks up with a rubber which totally ruins your hair and a plastic poncho for when he visits sunny England. Aren't we thoughtful? Yes, yes we are.

Ciao - x

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